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I am an explorer and a lover– a lover of beauty, bodies of water, beaches, ancient sites, modern cities, friendly people, and smiles.

For long, I have been intrigued by the scapular, which by definition, is a necklace with double pendants front & back. Across cultures and time, scapulars in many different forms have offered protection and have been regarded as amulets of great meaning. For me personally, their inherent qualities of sincerity, dedication, and balance are the most intriguing qualities of the amulet. A few years back on a trip around the world, I found myself in Thailand, with my trusty scapular of old and an elated inspired new idea. 

Upon my return home in New York, I set about putting this idea into action; thus, byThiel was born. I wanted to reconstruct this devotional amulet and bring it forward in a modern iteration of life’s duality. More ideas flowed, resulting in a jewelry line filled with humor, wit, and wisdom– whilst working on a deeper personal level reflecting my passions embodied in these whimsical creations for you to wear. 

Joe Thiel 

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